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How Delays in the Court System May Impact Your Rights

  If you or someone you know has been charged with a criminal offence, you are undoubtedly aware that dealing with criminal charges can be a lengthy process. Delays in the court system often result in accused individuals waiting months or even years to resolve these charges. These prolonged delays can impact the lives of […]

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Self-defense: How does it Work?

WHAT IS SELF-DEFENSE? Self-defense is a well-known defense in Canadian law justifying the use of force to repel an attack. It is an ancient common law that was incorporated into the first Canadian Criminal Code in 1892. The authors of 1879 Report of the Criminal Code Bill Commission, which formed the basis for the inclusion of the […]

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What Constitutes A Weapon?

What Constitutes A Weapon under the Criminal Code? Many individuals and police alike assume that everyday hunting, working, or collectors’ knives and other objects automatically qualify as “weapons” under the Criminal Code for the purposes of charging individuals with offences such as carrying a concealed weapon or possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose. […]