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When you retain a lawyer at Liberty Law, that lawyer will be in charge of your case and give it the personal attention a high-quality criminal defence requires. However, you also get the advantage that comes from having a team of lawyers working together. There is broad consultation within the office concerning files and issues. We hold weekly meetings to discuss issues of importance and consider new law which may affect your case.

Our lawyers recognize the importance of being accessible to you. We offer a free initial in-person consultation. We provide advice over the phone for after-hours emergencies. We also meet with clients evenings and weekends as necessary.

Police investigations often uncover only the information the police consider important. At Liberty Law, our lawyers regularly retain the assistance of private investigators and a broad spectrum of other experts and professionals in areas such as psychiatry, toxicology, psychology, engineering, forensic sciences and medicine. These investigators and experts have on numerous occasions helped us uncover or explain crucial facts overlooked in the police investigation. This sort of independent investigation can sometimes make the difference between a conviction and acquittal.

extensive knowledge and experience in a broad range of criminal defence legal services

Our lawyers have developed extensive knowledge and experience in a broad range of criminal law areas, including impaired driving, murder and sexual assault trials, DNA-related matters, firearms offences, Charter of Rights litigation, drug and motor vehicle offences, Income Tax Act prosecutions and professional discipline proceedings.

a solid track record of success at all levels of court

As a leading criminal law firm, Liberty Law has a solid track record of success at all levels of court. Our office has been involved in numerous high-profile cases including Omar Khadr, the Milgaard Reference to the Supreme Court of Canada, the Lisa Neve dangerous offender proceedings, the Larry Fisher murder trial in Saskatchewan, the Greenpeace prosecutions in Alberta and many others.

If you have a criminal law issue, contact one of our lawyers immediately.

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