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This area of the law is complicated and involves a confusing array of regulations

Firearms and weapons offences are governed by the Firearms Act and the Criminal Code of Canada. This area of the law is complicated and involves a confusing array of regulations. The difficulty and challenges of understanding the law in this area are increasing, causing much confusion to individuals trying to comply with the law.

Generally, a weapon includes a firearm but its legal definition extends beyond just that. A weapon can be anything that is used, designed or intended to be used to cause death or injury to any person, or, it can be anything used for the purposes of threatening any person. A firearm is a barreled weapon from which a projectile can be discharged and is capable of causing serious bodily injury.

A sentence can range from a discharge to life in jail

If convicted of a firearms or weapons offence, sentences that can be imposed vary widely. Depending on the circumstances, a sentence can range from a conditional or absolute discharge to life in jail and in some circumstances, a firearms conviction could lead to a mandatory minimum jail sentence of one, three or five years imprisonment.

The rules and regulations surrounding licensing, storage and transportation of firearms are complicated. If you are applying for a firearms license or related license or permit, a decision is made by the Chief Firearms Officer or Registrar in the Province where you reside. If you are denied an application to receive a license or to transport a firearm, that decision can sometimes be reviewed in Court to ensure that the decision was reasonable.

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