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Built on a solid foundation since 1982

Formed in Edmonton in 1982, Liberty Law has been built on solid foundations. All trial lawyers with the firm have gone on to achieve their own reputations as outstanding criminal defence lawyers. Our firm has also had an office in Grande Prairie since 2000. Having worked in the city and area for years previously, we assumed the practice of Clackson and Mochan, a long established and reputable firm, following Mr. Clackson’s appointment to the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench.

Through this office, we serve the needs of clients in the Greater Peace region of Alberta and British Columbia. With the considerable assistance of our legal assistant, Mrs. Donna Tate, we ensure the same quality service as is available through our Edmonton office.

When you retain our firm, you access a wealth of knowledge from experienced practitioners

We take a team approach to our cases, with a regular weekly meeting to discuss issues as well as recent developments in the law. We employ talented staff who is indispensable to us in preparing your case.

We continue to grow our firm with highly qualified students who assist with many matters and help streamline the delivery of legal services.

If you have a criminal law issue, contact one of our lawyers immediately.

EDMONTON 300 Maclean Block, 10110 - 107 Street, Edmonton, AB | Toll Free 1-833-784-7500

GRANDE PRAIRIE Suite #510, 10014 - 99 Street, Grande Prairie, AB | Toll Free 1-800-565-5415

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