About Liberty Law: Edmonton Criminal Law Firm

Our Lawyers Are Deeply Committed To The Liberties And Rights Of All Citizens.

Committed To Liberty

As citizens we often take our rights for granted. A criminal charge tests and personalizes those beliefs, often putting the individual’s liberty in jeopardy.

In each case, and for every accused, a criminal defence lawyer fights for the rights of all citizens. As Mr. Justice Cory put it in R. v. Hunter:“The actions of the state taken against the least worthy of its citizens will eventually determine the pattern of its actions towards all its citizens.”

All Criminal Defendants Deserve Experienced, Prepared, Aggressive And Truly Committed Representation.

Our firm strives to provide that level of service to all our clients whether they are charged with shoplifting or murder.

Criminal law in Canada has become a complicated and challenging area of practice. Since the introduction of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982 the volume of reported case law has grown exponentially. A lawyer cannot safely dabble in the field of criminal law. Practicing criminal law requires constant devotion to keep up to date on the quickly changing law.

The Lawyers At Liberty Law Work As A Team

The lawyers at Liberty Law work as a team to keep at the forefront of Canadian criminal law. Our lawyers regularly attend seminars and courses to update our expertise in developing areas of criminal law such as: forensic evidence, expert evidence, children’s evidence, breathalyzer evidence, cross examination, police tactics, and many other areas.

All of our lawyers are members of the Criminal Trial Lawyers Association and Canadian Council of Criminal Defence Lawyers. Three of our lawyers are past presidents of the Criminal Trial Lawyers’ Association. Both organizations have fought long and hard for the rights of the disadvantaged and the proper funding of legal aid systems throughout Canada.

If you have a criminal law issue contact one of our Edmonton lawyers immediately. Our Edmonton criminal law firm can help.

If you have a criminal law issue, contact one of our lawyers immediately.

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