Our History

Built On A Solid Foundation Since 1982

Edmonton Office

We at Liberty Law are excited about a new chapter in our firm’s long and storied history. Our boutique criminal law firm consists of 11 lawyers with varying vintages , well -placed to assist any client. Whether it’s mischief or murder, a driving or drug offence, domestic violence or allegations with international implications, you can have confidence that you will be well –served.

Bob Aloneissi & Ed O’Neill came from very similar working class backgrounds in Edmonton, and though they lived near each other, they would not meet until law school. Once they did meet, they were inseparable volunteering and working together in a poverty law organization, excelling in Criminal Procedure, and then articling at the same firm in the late 80’s . They became partners together in the mid 90’s and today, together with their colleagues, they are realizing their vision of a firm that vigorously and with integrity, protects the vulnerable who face prosecution by the state ; a firm that assists people with significant legal difficulties by providing professional, cost effective legal services.

Each additional partner, Brian Hurley and Eamon O’Keeffe has made their own unique stamp upon the firm and the Edmonton legal community, and in Chris Millsap’s case, the Grande Prairie legal community.

Coincidentally, Brian and Eamon knew each other from growing up in Saskatchewan; Chris Millsap and Shawn Gerstel grew up in the same small town in British Columbia.

Kim Hardstaff has a unique history with LibertyLaw, starting as an exceptional assistant , she has worked hard and transitioned to become an indispensable part of our team.

Every associate has had an excellent grounding by articling with the firm and have developed as excellent advocates in their own right.

The addition of Appellate Counsel Zachary Al-Khatib, who articled with the Alberta Court of Appeal and later clerked with the Supreme Court of Canada, has added a unique dimension to the firm which allows clients to be well served at all levels of court in Canada.

The close relationships amongst the lawyers help the firm’s cohesion as a team – a team at your disposal .

At Liberty Law , we care about your liberty and we have a lawyer that will suit your needs.

Grande Prairie Office

Having worked in the city of Grande Prairie and area for years previously, we assumed, in 2000, the practice of Clackson and Mochan, a long established and reputable firm, following Mr. Clackson’s appointment to the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench.

Through this office, we serve the needs of clients in the Greater Peace region of Alberta and British Columbia. Chris Millsap decided to relocate to Grande Prairie, and together with the considerable assistance of Grande Prairie Office Manager Mrs. Donna Tate, we ensure the same quality service as is available through our Edmonton office.

When You Retain Our Firm, You Access A Wealth Of Knowledge From Experienced Practitioners

We take a team approach to our cases, with a regular weekly meeting to discuss issues as well as recent developments in the law. We employ talented staff who is indispensable to us in preparing your case.

We continue to grow our firm with highly qualified students who assist with many matters and help streamline the delivery of legal services.


If you have a criminal law issue, contact one of our lawyers immediately.

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