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All Property Offences Have Significant Implications And Consequences

All property offences are to be taken seriously but can range from minor shoplifting to a multi-million dollar fraud. Regardless of the seriousness, all property offences have significant consequences with respect to an individual’s employment prospects and their ability to travel – particularly to the United States.

The Criminal Code of Canada’s sections 333 to 380 primarily govern the prosecution of theft, possession of stolen property and fraud offences.

If Convicted Of Theft From Your Employer, Our Alberta Court Of Appeal Has Made It Clear That Jail Is The Expected Sentence

We offer sound legal advice and representation in dealing with these types of charges. We will clearly set out your legal options and diligently defend you. There are a wide range of potential outcomes when defending property crimes and various defences may be available to you.

For example, if convicted of theft from your employer, our Alberta Court of Appeal has made it clear that jail is the expected sentence absent exceptional circumstances. That being said, our lawyers have successfully obtained conditional discharges for people charged with theft from employer.

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If charged with theft, fraud or any other property related offence, it is extremely important that you call and speak to an Edmonton shoplifting lawyer who will meet with you and discuss your options.

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